DIY: Make Your Own Paintbrush Holder

Posted: October 2, 2010 in General, Pictures, Tutorials
I have been trying to make my paint set more mobile recently. Figure I may be more motivated to paint if I can do it easily in other rooms of the house or at my LGS. Carrying the paints is easy, simply put them in a box. The paint brushes, however, proved to be more of a challenge. The problem is that I don’t care to damage the bristles of some of my more expensive brushes by just throwing them into a box. I know there are professional products to help me with this very product, so I went to my local hobby store to buy one. Turns out, they are $15! My personal policy is to never spend more than $10 on something that could not kill a person at an accelerated velocity, so spending %15 on a paint brush holder was right out the window. After taking a look around the house, I managed to make one 10x better than the one at the store… and here’s how!

Start with a couple of plastic cylinders. Any will probably do. You could also do this with think narrow boxes I would assume. I used crystal light containers (note: you could always go and buy to containers of crystal light for $1 each. Then you could enjoy a delicious beverage while doing this tutorial).

Brush Holder

Next, strip off the label and cut the cylinders. I used a hacksaw to cut mine and it went through pretty straight and smooth. You will need to cute 3 pieces from the 2 cylinders: a short one, a slightly longer one, and a coupler.

Brush Holder 2

Cut the coupler length wise one time so that it looks like a “C”

Brush Holder 3

Next, grab your foam! If you followed my tray tutorial, then you should have some scrap foam lying around. I used 4″ thick foam. In this case, I used a piece of foam slightly bigger than the cylinder. That way, the foam in condensed in and will make a tight fit.

Brush Holder 4

Grab your razor and your foam and go for the “slice and dice”. Be sure not to cut all of the way through the foam. You want all of your strands still connected at the bottom. Note: Be careful not to cut your fingers, also, if the fit is too tight in the cylinder, remove some excess strands.

Brush Holder 5

Place the foam in to the cylinder and test it out with your brushes. Make sure they fit tight and don’t move around. We don’t want to damage those bristles during transport.

Brush Holder 6

Now that we know everything fits, it is time to make a lid. Using the coupler we made ealier, attach it to the top of the cylinder so that 25% is attached and 75% is above the bottom cylinder. Normally, I would suggest using a rubber cement or other strong bonding glue. It looks nice and forms a tight bond. In my case, I wanted to get this done quickly so Duct Tape it is!!

Brush Holder 7

Now place the brushes back inside and try the top. It should stay on very well and form and almost air tight seal. In my case, I could toss, drop, or shake the container and the brushes stayed put and the lid didn’t even come close to budging.

Brush Holder 8

Brush Holder 9

There you have it. Not the prettiest thing in the world, but I built it for free and it took me about 15 minutes. I can probably trim the top down a bit so that it isn’t so tall, but for tonight, it does the trick.

Enjoy everyone.


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