Mine Scenario

Posted: October 2, 2010 in Pictures, Terrain, Terrain Building

I finally finished a piece of terrain I have been working on for months. I got the idea for this from NQ #14 (I think). I read the battle report and terrain building article and new I had to make one myself. It ended up being a huge undertaking on my part, since I didn’t even own all the tools I would need to make it. In the end, I scrapped the idea of laying tracks, lights, and minecars, but I am still quite happy with it. It is killer fun to play on. Some of the rules we use for the board:

  • Defender deploys first when attacker isn’t looking, then places the cap on
  • Attacker goes first without knowing how the defenders are deployed
  • No flying, arcing fire, or jumping inside the cave
  • Defenders win when attacking lock/casters are dwad
  • Attacker wins when caster/lock gets to the back corner of the mine

Without further ado, some picture:

So far I have only played 1 game on it, but it is killer fun. All in all, it was a great learning experience, and not too bad for a first terrain piece.


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